Sharing Stories

Chicken tales

Our chickens turn our waste into eggs and meat, they are born, grow, get old and die and the more we deal with them, the more we learn. Here's some of those lessons

Preparing garden beds

We've done a lot of work, it's been hard, we've literally given our blood, sweat and tears to get there and I hope by sharing our methods, you'll learn something from this too

Baby plants

I've had to learn my nursery skills from scratch, I'm still learning every day and I hope by sharing what I've learnt, you're journey will be shorter and have less disasters

Volunteering / helpers

We use the services provided by HelpEx and have met some wonderful people through this. We often learn just as much as our helpers do. What are some of the do's and don'ts?

Farmers Markets

What to bring, how much to bring, how to set up your stand and how to act whilst at your stand are all skills that we've had to learn on the fly. We are always learning

Selling to Restaurants

We have some wonderful customers who support us and the produce we sell and without them, we wouldn't be functioning, how do you start building this type of customer base?